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2007-12-31 10:24:05 by mastamikewilyums

Mastrchief had a bad christmas so everyone feel bad for him to make him feel better!


2007-12-28 11:49:03 by mastamikewilyums

some sweet games i got were ncaa 08 madden 08 guitar hero 3 the bigs [which is my new favrite gme] and midnight club.


2007-12-24 11:38:26 by mastamikewilyums

It's tomorrow!! awesome.

read this bud

2007-12-22 19:53:29 by mastamikewilyums

iin ncaa 08 for ps3 my undefeated penn state nittany lions beat the vt hokies in the bcs national championship game.


2007-12-21 17:34:37 by mastamikewilyums

My psu dynasty just had another close one, number 3 on my espn instant classics list. i beat iowa 30 - 27. after missing an important FG and making a great defense stop, i was down late in the fourth when i threw a TD to deon butler and i was winning 24 - 20. then i intercepted on iowas next possesion and returned it for a td but my qb fumbled the xp snap so i was winning still but only by 10. then iowa, [starting from the 10 yard line] had a 90 yard td pass tht led them to be losing 27 - 30 but still in the game. They did an onside kick, and freaking recovered! They threw a really long pass with 3 seconds left and my corner tipped it at the five, the reciever caught it at the two, but was DESTROYED by ss # 7 and the ball was DROPPED, incomplete. so crazy. tell me what u think.


2007-12-20 15:49:10 by mastamikewilyums

CJ made it a red christmas. but anyway, merry christmas everyone. have a happy and safe holiday season.


2007-12-19 21:21:19 by mastamikewilyums

my game wasnt saved and someone turned off my PS2. wtf.

If you play GTA SA

2007-12-18 19:11:54 by mastamikewilyums

you would know this: if not, sux u gotta play it.
the one mission where u kidnap mad dog with the stolen limo has got to be the best mission i evr played. if u did play it u prolly remember the part where u are driving him in the car and u drive the car off the edge of the ocean docks, but u jumped out at the last second. Mad dog can't swim? what a loser. Just to make sure he was dead i used my bazooka and shot his behind to Satan's Couch. Beast. XXGrove Street lives on. haha. idk y he does karate or whatever tht dayhum picture is of.

If you play GTA SA


2007-12-17 21:40:44 by mastamikewilyums

If u played it before u'll understand that og loc is a complete motherfackin pshycopath.

GTA San Andreas

2007-12-16 16:58:13 by mastamikewilyums

Great game. i kill alot. But i don't like calling it murder. i prefer, "Severe Population Control".
Grove-Street fools!!

GTA San Andreas